Developers : know yourself and your market better !

Applying for a job as a developer may seem easy at first, given the demand there is. But without the right knowledge, you could take on a less than ideal job...

This e-book provides you with everything on that topic !

  • Position yourself in the market
  • What is your worth
  • How do you fit in the market
  • Reasons to work elsewhere

Get access to it now !

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In case this was not enough, you will get an absolutely FREE access to the following :
  • Comparative of the different job searching tools
  • What salary to expect? A bot will tell you based on your skills and our 20 years experience with developers and recruiters
  • Should you work as a freelancer? Ask a bot that helps you find out wether you are suited to do so

What is bevopr ? 


The platform bevopr is a marketplace 100% dedicated to IT developers!

With it's like match chat concept, it offers to people looking for a new job or to the curious a panoramic view of the developer job market.

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